William Stafford—The Light By The Barn

The Light By The Barn

The light by the barn that shines all night
pales at dawn when a little breeze comes.

A little breeze comes breathing the fields
from their sleep and waking the slow windmill.

The slow windmill sings the long day
about anguish and loss to the chickens at work.

The little breeze follows the slow windmill
and the chickens at work till the sun goes down—

Then the light by the barn again.

—William Stafford

This poem, to me, seems like the perfect little metaphor to describe pure consciousness and the nature of life, the backdrop of pure awareness that gets overshadowed by the unfolding drama of life. If we hold onto that thread, as Stafford talks about in The Way It Is, and know the thread of that thread, as the Vedic aphorism speaks about posted after Stafford’s poem, we can’t get lost. This metaphor of the light by the barn also reminds me of the “lamp at the door” Maharishi talks about, that inner light of life, our own Self, pure Being, described in my poem, Seeing Is Being.

TM is a way to turn within and let that breeze of activity and the light of common day settle down and allow us to transcend and experience that inner silent reality of life, that self-effulgent state, which, when integrated into our daily lives through regular meditation and activity illumines our days and nights and blossoms into a state of full enlightenment. And for that we are eternally grateful to Maharishi, Guru Dev, and the ancient Vedic Tradition, for making this gift of knowledge available to everyone everywhere at this time in history.

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