Artist’s short video on Fairfield Puzzle Mural

E.E. Yates ~ Public Murals

At long last, I have put some final touches on the Fairfield Mural Video. Watch it here for the first time! Fairfield, Iowa is one of my very favorite places in the world—well worth a visit! Next time you are driving across the United States, make sure to plan a day in Fairfield.

Ella Yates


Besides the Lovely Fairfield video, watch the Fairfield Slideshow.

Thanks to Stacey Hurlin for this, in more ways than just this link to the mural artist she helped bring to Fairfield on behalf of the ArtLife Society. Just another reason to come and visit Fairfield, Iowa!

Here’s another great video: A town like no other—Fairfield, Iowa

See NPR: Fairfield, Iowa: Where ‘Art Belongs To Everyone’

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