“a conversation with God” by Ellen Roth

a conversation with God

one day, in a moment of deep silence
and inner wakefulness
i said to God..

dear God..
sometimes i feel as if no one sees me
or hears me
it is as if i don’t even exist

and He answered with a question..

My child
does that mean that I don’t exist
because sometimes people don’t see me
or hear me
or wonder if I Am?

and i laughed
at myself.. for my foolishness
for i knew that this was not true..

and i thought about what God said
for a day..

and the next day
in a moment of deep silence and inner wakefulness
God spoke to me again..

My child
it is the blindness of these people
that prevents them from seeing you

and i reflected on that

and He continued….

and it is your own blindness that prevents you ..
from seeing you
pay more attention to you..
to your Self..

and i thought..
of course.. how simple..
how true..

and then
He said…

after some time
all of the glories of the Universe
I will reveal to you..
doubts will vanish
questions will disappear
all you will see is Light
all you will know

and i thought to myself
i am truly blessed…

—Ellen Roth

Another meditator friend wrote a beautiful poem that also came to her in the Ladies Golden Dome: A profound poem from Karen Karns asks us — WHAT COULD BE MORE INTIMATE?

2 Responses to ““a conversation with God” by Ellen Roth”

  1. George Foster Says:

    Beautiful, Ellen. It reminds me of something I heard long ago that the path to the Self can be simply the distance between “no” and “yes”.

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  2. Ellen Finkelstein Says:

    A blessed poem! The poem contains the silence of which it speaks. Thanks for sharing it, Ken.

    Liked by 1 person

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