WRITING TANKA—Preparing to Write

a tanka on writing


Railroad Crossings Are

Places To Become Aware—



If you hear a train of thought

You’ll know you’re on the write track!


© Ken Chawkin


Also see Haiku On The Nature of Haiku.

a writing tanka on writing tanka by ken chawkin

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5 Responses to “WRITING TANKA—Preparing to Write”

  1. Jochen F. Uebel Says:

    RSS? Twitter?
    Thx a lot anyway for your ongoing informations! Very helpful.


  2. withheldindarkness Says:

    Well written to include the train reference. Cleverly written. Thanks for sharing.


    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I originally wrote it as a haiku. Only much later did I turn it into a tanka. The train reference, and old expression and pun popped into my head and surprised me too. Glad you liked it.


  3. a writing tanka on writing tanka by ken chawkin | The Uncarved Blog Says:

    […] WRITING TANKA—Preparing to Write […]


  4. Ken Chawkin Says:

    Reblogged this on The Uncarved Blog and commented:

    Here’s a little backgrounder on this poem, which I wrote around 20 years ago while on a course at Heavenly Mountain in Boone, North Carolina. The first part was originally just a haiku. It was a fun way to point out the need to increase awareness as a preparation to write. Years later, an idea presented itself extending the metaphor to its logical conclusion. The phrase, taken literally, was an unexpected surprise, along with the irresistible pun. I added them as a hoku, completing the poem, transforming it into a tanka on writing. Enjoy reading “Preparing to Write.”


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