Cartoonists show us the pressure some people put on their pets and how they try to deal with it

This funny cat cartoon by Scott Metzger gives us an insight into the lives of pets and what they have to put up with from their human owners.

With this kind of pressure some cats need to undergo therapy, as shown in this Bizarro cartoon by Wayno & Dan Piraro.

One of their earlier cartoons showed a dog on the psychiatrist’s couch, but for a different reason.

Other cartoonists worth checking out for a few more laughs

Gary Larson’s cartoons are funny because they make us see the unexpected humor in things

Funny cartoons make us laugh ‘cuz they’re true

This funny and wise cartoon from David Sipress reminds us that things are not as bad as we think

Good cartoons teach us a lot if we’re willing to learn and laugh at our little foibles and neuroses

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