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Jerry Yellin laid to rest with full military honors

January 22, 2019

Matt Kelley of Radio Iowa interviews Jerry Yellin about an Iowa Veterans Summit solution to PTSD

October 11, 2012

Connie Boyer of Opening Fairfield Doors interviews Jerry Yellin at Fairfield Media Center

July 26, 2012

Author Veteran Jerry Yellin To Sign Four Books Proceeds To Benefit Operation Warrior Wellness

October 14, 2011

Jerry Yellin on Loud Miracles with Meital Dohan: Beating PTSD through Transcendental Meditation

May 17, 2011

Jerry Yellin discusses Operation Warrior Wellness

February 21, 2011

Jerry Yellin: Healing the Hidden Wounds of War

October 27, 2010

Jerry’s Last Mission was not just in WW2; he later helped bring peace to today’s troubled veterans

November 11, 2020

Healing the Hidden Wounds of War: open forum for Iowa veterans and their families affected by PTSD, sponsored by Operation Warrior Wellness

July 10, 2012

Japanese culture: poetic aesthetics, artistry, and martial arts, inspired me to write haiku and tanka

January 9, 2021