A NEW YORK HAIKU by Ken Chawkin

I’m in New York City this week with my son Nathanael, along with other extended family members, to see the premier of my nephew Zachary Sluser’s film, The Driftless Area, at the Tribeca Film Festival. We’ve been doing a lot of walking lately and I gotta tell ya, New York is a noisy city. Cars honk their horns at all hours of the day and night, ambulances blare and police cars wail their sirens. Construction is going on somewhere. People are everywhere. I had to write this New York Haiku in a New York Minute.



© Ken Chawkin
April 16, 2015
New York, NY

Nathanael took this video of me as I was rewriting this haiku. Note how he titled the description as a haiku: Haiku composing / captured in motion real-time / gotta love my dad.

Driving to the airport for our trip to New York City I noticed a series of billboards that seemed to tell a story. It cracked me up. We took pictures on the drive home, and I included them in this new blog post: The battle for Good and Evil along Highway 218.

Some News Coverage on The Driftless Area

INDIEWIRE: Meet the 2015 Tribeca Filmmakers #35: Stellar Cast Teams Up to Solve a Mystery in ‘The Driftless Area’.  Watch The Daily Quirk Blog VIDEO: An Inside Look at the Tribeca Film Festival Red Carpet for ‘The Driftless Area’ and a Red Carpet group photo. Scene Creek: 5 Questions with Zachary Sluser of The Driftless Area. Moveable Fest: Tribeca ’15 Interview: Zachary Sluser on Pushing Forward in “The Driftless Area”. The Blot Magazine: ‘Driftless Area’ Director Zachary Sluser On Zooey, John Hawkes & His Dog. No Film School: Using an Objective Camera to Create Metaphysical Noir ‘The Driftless Area’. Shockya: Tribeca 2015 Interview: Zachary Sluser Talks The Driftless Area (Exclusive). Check the film’s Facebook page for updates.

Here’s an article in NY Magazine about How to Not Think and Do Nothing in New York.

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5 Responses to “A NEW YORK HAIKU by Ken Chawkin”

  1. carol olicker Says:

    Ken, I am in NYC now too..my mom just passed away and we are organizing memorial for her Sat,,today we saw lawyer who has office in Empire State Bldg and then walked to Times Square and o o o the noise was deafening..sirens galore, honking, construction and during rush hour,,crushing tides of human bodies..amazing..we saw the Heidi Chronicles at the Music Box Theater, starring Elisabeth Moss who played Peggy on Mad Men


  2. Ken Chawkin Says:

    Nathanael posted a short video of me writing this haiku. Note his haiku title! Haiku composing / captured in motion real-time / gotta love my dad https://t.co/MIcnXH5Vhj http://t.co/WCiCd2ZkXl


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    […] the poem and video from that trip: A NEW YORK HAIKU, and a few links about my nephew’s film, The Driftless Area, which premiered at the Tribeca […]


  4. The job of a poet — someone’s gotta do it! | The Uncarved Blog Says:

    […] in NYC recently, my son commented on my m.o. as a poet, how I observe, name and say what I’m […]


  5. How to Not Think and Do Nothing in New York | The Uncarved Blog Says:

    […] I was in NY recently for my nephew’s film, The Driftless Area, premiering at Tribeca and wrote this haiku about the city: A NEW YORK HAIKU by Ken Chawkin. […]


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