To become more competitive, Trinity College Women’s Squash Team tries out a new technique — the Transcendental Meditation Program

This video reports on the use of the TM Program by the 2009–2010 Women’s Squash team at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

The whole team including the coaches learned the TM technique. They finished the season as the #3 Women’s Squash team in the country.

Trinity College Psychology major Emily Lindon did her thesis on the Effects of Transcendental Meditation on Perceived Self-Efficacy of College Students. One of the groups she researched was the Women’s Squash Team. Emily found significant increases in self-efficacy among the pre- and post-tests.

The Trinity Women’s Squash Team was trained in the Transcendental Meditation technique through a grant from the David Lynch Foundation. TM is a technique for focus and stress reduction. It is not connected to any religion or belief system but rather it is a simple, effortless, natural meditative technique with scientifically proven effectiveness. The team placed third nationally for the 2009/2010 college squash season. For more information, contact Dr. Randy Lee at

Dr. Lee posted this 8 minute video of the winning Trinity College Women’s Squash team on You Tube. The  video was produced and directed by Lynn Kaplan. Peter Trivelas was the cameraman and editor. Executive producer was the David Lynch Foundation. It’s also posted on David Lynch Foundation Television

Global Good News‘s Excellence In Action posted an article on this story: Peak Performance: Exploring a transcendental technique for success.

See a new article on this subject written by Linda Egenes: Transcendental Meditation and The Mind of an Athlete (December 17, 2014).

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