Celeb Spiritual Report: One significant day in my life by David Lynch for Jane Magazine (May 2004)

Here is an article I helped facilitate for David Lynch when we first started working with him, a year before the idea for the David Lynch Foundation was created under the dynamic leadership of Bob Roth, executive director for the Foundation. Up to this point David had kept his Transcendental Meditation practice private. When he […]

Celeb Spiritual Report: Jane Mag, May, 2004: David Lynch: One significant day in my life

One significant day in my life By David Lynch Jane – May, 2004 A significant event occurred in my life the day I learned that our human physiology, our body, is made of consciousness. Consciousness??? “What???” I asked out loud in wonder. I learned that our human physiology is so magnificent and complex, and so […]

New Video: Dr. Tony Nader speaks about the Ramayana in Human Physiology

Dr. Tony Nader speaks about the Ramayana in Human Physiology This new video beautifully encapsulates Dr. Tony Nader’s paradigm-changing discovery. He shared these profound details with an audience during one of the first New Paradigm Tour events. He explained how, under the guidance and blessings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he discovered that the sounds of the […]

What Turkish Sufi poet Yunus Emre realized — everything was found within his cosmic body

Ever come across a poem that encapsulates what you’ve read lately or thought about in the past? I found one today in a book I was sampling on Amazon, The Drop That Became the Sea: Lyric Poems, a collection of poems written by Yunus Emre, (1240-1321), translated by Kabir Helminski and Refik Algan. Yunus Emre […]